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Windows 7 DLL File Information - WcnNetsh.dll

The following DLL report was generated by automatic DLL script that scanned and loaded all DLL files in the system32 directory of Windows 7, extracted the information from them, and then saved it into HTML reports. If you want to view a report of another DLL, go to the main page of this Web site.


General Information

File Description: WCN Netsh Helper DLL  
File Version: 6.1.7100.0 (winmain_win7rc.090421-1700)  
Company: Microsoft Corporation  
Product Name: Microsoft Windows Operating System  
DLL popularity Very Low - There is no any other DLL in system32 directory that is statically linked to this file.
File Size: 29 KB
Total Number of Exported Functions: 2
Total Number of Exported Functions With Names: 2

Section Headers

Name Virtual Address Raw Data Size % of File Characteristics Section Contains...
.text 0x00001000 23,552 Bytes 78.0% Read, Execute Code
.data 0x00007000 1,024 Bytes 3.4% Write, Read Initialized Data
.rsrc 0x00008000 1,536 Bytes 5.1% Read Initialized Data
.reloc 0x00009000 3,072 Bytes 10.2% Read, Discardable Initialized Data

Static Linking

WcnNetsh.dll is statically linked to the following files:


This means that when WcnNetsh.dll is loaded, the above files are automatically loaded too. If one of these files is corrupted or missing, WcnNetsh.dll won't be loaded.


General Resources Information

Resource Type Number of Items Total Size % of File
Icons 0 0 Bytes 0.0%
Animated Icons 0 0 Bytes 0.0%
Cursors 0 0 Bytes 0.0%
Animated Cursors 0 0 Bytes 0.0%
Bitmaps 0 0 Bytes 0.0%
AVI Files 0 0 Bytes 0.0%
Dialog-Boxes 0 0 Bytes 0.0%
HTML Related Files 0 0 Bytes 0.0%
Menus 0 0 Bytes 0.0%
Strings 34 7,066 Bytes 23.4%
Type Libraries 0 0 Bytes 0.0%
Manifest 0 0 Bytes 0.0%
All Others 2 1,116 Bytes 3.7%
Total 36 8,182 Bytes 27.1%

Icons in this file

No icons found in this file


Cursors in this file

No cursors found in this file


Dialog-boxes list (up to 200 dialogs)

No dialog resources in this file.


String resources in this dll (up to 200 strings)

String ID String Text
1000 Troubleshoot Windows Connect Now related issues
56001 not ready
57051 Connects to a wireless network.
57052 Usage: %1!s! [ enrolleeUUID = ] <string> [ password = ] <string> [ profile = ] <string> [ [ interface = ] <string> ] [ [ type = ] (auto | ethernet | 802dot11) ] Parameters: Tag Value enrolleeUUID - WPS UUID of the device to enroll. password - WPS password of the device. profile - Network Profile interface - Network interface friendly name. Optional parameter. type - Transport to use. Optional parameter. Remarks: Initiates the WPS enrollment process with the device specified by the enrollee UUID. The network settings given by the network profile will be applied to the device. The network profile will be taken from the specified interface. If no interface is specified, one will be selected automatically. The device password is usually a 4-digit or 8-digit numeric PIN. Check the device's documentation for information on how to determine the UUID and PIN. If a transport type is not specified, or if "auto" is specified, the best available transport will be selected automatically. Example: %1!s! enrolleeUUID="01234567-89AB-CDEF-0123-4567890ABCDE" password="12345670" profile="MySSID_Network"
57053 Queries information about a WCN device.
57054 Usage: %1!s! [ SSID = ] <string> [ [ interface = ] <string> ] Parameters: Tag Value SSID - SSID of 802.11 wireless network. interface - Network interface friendly name. Optional parameter. Remarks: Obtains information about a WCN-enabled Access Point. Example: %1!s! SSID="MySSID"
59501 The operation completed successfully.
59551 Device :
59552 Manufacturer :
59553 Model Name :
59554 Model Number :
59555 Serial Number :
59556 Device Type :
59557 Device Subtype :
59558 Configured : No
59559 Configured : Yes
61001 The network adapter "%1!s!" was not found.
61002 The network profile "%1!s!" was not found.
61003 Access was denied while trying to read the network profile "%1!s!".
61004 The given Enrollee UUID is not formatted correctly.
61005 Configuration of devices using Windows Connect Now has been disabled by Group Policy.
61006 No access point is broadcasting the 802.11 SSID "%1!s!".
61007 This operation cannot be performed while the WLAN adapter is connected to a network.
61008 The entered pin "%1!s!" is of wrong size.
61009 The entered pin "%1!s!" has an invalid checksum.
62001 The enrollee reported an error during configuration.
62002 The specified 802.11 channel is not supported.
62003 The wireless signal is too weak.
62004 There is an IP address conflict on the network.
62005 Multiple push-button configuration sessions were detected on this network. To maintain the security of this process, only one push-button configuration may occur at a time. Please wait until the other configuration is complete.
62006 The device to which you are connecting has detected possible rogue activity on the network. Registration cannot continue.
62007 The device to which you are connecting has disabled registration for security reasons. Refer to the documentation for your device for instructions on how to unlock it.
62008 The PIN is incorrect. Verify the PIN and try again.
62009 This device has already been configured. To configure it again, first reset the device by restoring its factory settings.

COM Classes/Interfaces

There is no type library in this file with COM classes/interfaces information


Exported Functions List

The following functions are exported by this dll:
GetResourceString InitHelperDll


Imported Functions List

The following functions are imported by this dll: